At a summit of noble men, in fair alliance stood,
They spoke of China's wielded might and plans to do some good,
Through bounty and clean energy, their minds on greater gain,
To cast aside the shadows dark, and cleanse with healing rain.

When Biden spoke to brethren there, of western wings and skies,
To train Ukraine's deft pilots true, and gift such worthy prize,
F-16's, a squadron bold, for Kyiv's needs they swore,
Protection, strength, and freedom's call, on this, the world's high floor.

But in yon chamber, secrets seized, the mighty court's decree,
The FBI's intrusive gaze, brought forth a dark decree,
Unchecked, they scoured sacred tomes, in quest of Capitol's bane,
And violated sanctity, within the George Floyd's name.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur