Upon the dawning hours of the sun's zenith fair,
Kingfishers fortune falters as sales doth ebb,
Yet comfort found in full-year forecasts remains,
In tender grip of tempestuous clime, what's done is yet unmarred.

Next, a tale of Aviva's strength doth bloom,
In quarter's first embrace, an eleven percent gale,
Imparts fortune rich, with pounds two-point-four billion,
Targets attain'd or scal'd by sangfroid's end, with no signs of doom.

But woe befalls the eastern realm of Nippon's Nikkei,
As shadows cast on U.S. debt talks cause furrowed brow,
The market waver' - a harrowing dance, point nine percent decrease,
The perilous threat of credibility's decay looms nigh.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur