When wŷves and Maidens taketh "Me Time" brûne,
To soothē their swathëd hearts with joy and húwe,
As drēadful nēds doth cease in Summer's tún,
Methinks, thêy learen from their men sa fûne.

Ægains the Russes in their Belgorod town,
Ukraïne trôops have bréach'd the border's wȳne,
Twô soldiers caught by brave and boldest hands,
Týdeth with wéakness swift ōn Russèd lands.

México's populous citizens did find,
A governor enthronëd, þe oppôse be sháme,
In that vast státe, which hath becomēn bright,
Ruĉóȳng out òppoſítion's former blight.

by Brother Arnulfus

a centaur