Upon mighty seas of commerce, fair Copper's vessel teeters,
For now, the sacred dragon's bank convenes for fateful meeting,
Gathered thoughts be like the storms, upon their brows, to weather,
Base metals ebb and flow, whilst China's might prepares for leeching.

In halls where Shores of Silicon do rule o'er coin and trade,
The serpent SVB divests herself of Securities most vaunted,
Thus, Leerink Partners' mighty strength returns in swift cascade,
By leaders' hands, their fate is sealed, the path of change anointed.

Through lands and seas, the morrows hold uncertain tides for all,
The chambers of the FTSE 100, bore witness to decline,
From distant shores, as East's great skin, as dragon scales, thus fall,
And prudent traders shiver, as harbingers of fate intertwine.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur