Fukushima's fury, into the sea doth seep,
Greened by the hand of the sky-god, Gaia's keep,
Thus spake the fiery-eyed IAEA - a jest?
Alike discharges by land-kings, they said it best.

Volkswagen, steed of iron, announces plan of growth,
A hoard of shining coins in hand, they take the oath,
By 2026, in Brazil's realms, they hope to rise,
An increase by hammer's score, under sunlit skies.

SoftBank's wise Son, dreams of thought-weavers waking,
In every industry, their eerie silence breaking,
Outmatching our brain-strong warriors, a chilling song,
A world ethereal, where the mind-stones belong.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur