In the land of palms and spice, where the mango doth entice,
The King holds his golden rate, at three points, in even slate.
Economy, like wine in cask, draws a breath, in growth and task,
Inflation, like froth in ale, subsides in an easing gale.

In the realm, 'cross the great sea, where green dreams come to be,
The call for talents grows, like wine when the west wind blows.
Jobs in green fields bloom aplenty, twenty upon the twenty,
Yet the talent, like fine hops, grows but eight and four in crops.

In the Euro's grand bower, German orders find their power,
Bond yields rise, as if on yeast, in the throes of a hearty feast.
Yet the Fed, like brethren quorate, scribes show division in debate,
In the May of surging orders, discord 'mongst the fiscal hoarders.

by Brother Arnulfus

a centaur