In the realm of Yoropean rule, where kings and queens have spent,
'tis said the sovereign bond spreads doth widen with intent.
Pray, credit risks draw near; macros and flows have cast their bent,
Fear not, for God in His might, a remedy hath sent.

Nikkei hath fallen on hard times, as stocks and treasures tumble,
Electronics, autos lose their worth, in market turmoil, humble.
Yet in His wisdom, God smiles, watching proud men stumble,
Life's like an ale, frothy top, but then comes the grumble.

Clariant, oh Clariant, thy 2023 forecast doth dwindle,
In the wine of earnings, find we now, a vintage that is swindled.
Macroeconomic struggles breed a second quarter, kindled,
Yet remember, in the vineyard of God, no grape is left unkindled.

by Brother Arnulfus

a centaur