Metal prices do ascend, 'fore dawn hath broke anew,
Eager for CPI's voice, the U.S. carriage to imbue.
Wisdom ING doth whisper, a direction is in sight,
Upon the loom of fates entwined, advancement takes her flight.

In mighty halls where trust once thrived, a battle doth unfold,
Pertaining offsets of carbon made, stories yet untold.
Many a buyer breached our laws - ninety-five of each share,
Yet with resilient hearts fresh will, standards we shall bear.

Now 'cross the globe a pact is sought, to tax the tech lords fair,
A mighty sum reallocated, a deal nigh all do dare.
And yet, if concord finds no home, sovereign levies will prevail,
For nations stand with sword in hand, on destiny's vast trail.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur