Oh lay this tale within thine heart, give ear, dear folk, fore we apart,
For Tesla hath its Cybertruck, now bathed in earthly stardusts spark.
Off it rolled, both fierce and bright, from Texas lands to starry night,
Tagging years since prototype gave promise of its destined arc.

Upon Bikini's tormented sand, a tale of woes did quick expand,
Nuclear blasts, a ghastly sight, scavenged all and caused despair.
Twas then the leaders, void of heart, swindled coin with wicked art,
Damned the kinfolk's rightful plight, left them in a beggars snare.

Herald now the fair Marketa, of Vondrousova, their regal eta,
In Wimbledon's grand court she shone, vanquishing the Tunisian crone.
First of her like since '63, seedless yet full of victory,
She claimed the throne with a triumphant moan, her maiden Major title sown.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur