Unseen as if by Odin's shroud, SAP doth wield power proud,
Gains in aether's marketplace, an outcome of their cloud's embrace.
Mighty profits in their grasp, a golden future they do clasp,
Warrior-strong their claims prolong, in core cloud realms they belong.

Hear ye now of Nikkei's fall, heed the raven's dire call,
Iron-harbingers tumble down, drowned by Aegir, they are found.
Midst the tightening of banks cord, unsure of what the future hoard,
Beware the tempest that may brew, with global outlook in askew.

Alas! Dassault, the hawk of trade, falters in the market glade,
Lower sales and orders gleaned, trading in the shadows, screened.
Yet, even Thor strikes not in vain, they pledge their guidance shall sustain,
Facing shadows, unbowed, unbroken, by Loki's whispers, are unspoken.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur