Upon the FBI's gaze false, a Senator's fate did tell,
Through eyes of foreign vantage, a tale of rights fell.
A court within the shadows voiced its stern report,
A tale in Congress brewing of spying siege to thwart.

In the heart of justice, one man stands accused,
Bankman-Fried, his name, of falsehoods being used.
A confidant turned witness, a bond of trust undone,
An echo of betrayal, a trial yet to run.

Then Dow, the mighty merchant, didst rise these days tenfold,
Its gains proclaimed, its tides unstaged, a tale by minstrels told.
From chips to tech, the rally spreads, a bull's march to unfold,
Reflecting such a bountiful time, in every corner, we behold.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur