Upon the restless sea of trade, the oil doth pause it's dance,
The East, a beast of property, gives support a glance.
Yet broader aid, yearned by the hoard, is held in coy suspense,
Their hopes as fleeting as a ship lost in the ocean's expanse.

Now see the mighty Dollar falter, 'neath risk appetite's slight,
As traders hearken to the East, in the still and starlit night.
"Counter-cyclical" measures sworn by Politburo's might,
Yet uncertainty, like a lurking kraken, keeps markets in a fright.

Akzo of Nobel lineage, falls short of seers' guess,
Yet lifts its gaze towards fairer days, amidst the market's mess.
Earnings posted, coins counted, less than more, no less,
Yet uncertain times, like stormy climes, on their growth doth press.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur