Upon the eastern lands, a tale of trade unfurls,
As China lifts the tariff's weight on precious Aussie pearls.
In gesture noble, peace renewed, 'twixt dragon and the kangaroo,
To reap the gifts of barleys gold and ties of friendship to review.

Within the heart of Germany, a triumph echoes loud,
Commerzbank, with lions strength, midst the market crowd.
Forecasts keen of interest pure, in gold as sun's brilliant gleam,
Prosperity etching in the books, as realities outshine dreams.

From Swiss Re, a phoenix rise, on fortune's blessed wing,
As Nature, once a foe, withheld her cataclysmic sting.
Their profit surges large and fast, like river wild and free,
Against adversity, in resilience, they carve their victory.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur