Of diamond sheen and waning worth, in wake of pestilence,
Fair traders tussle, truth discern, the market's own dance.
A fleeting glut, a fragrant feint, deceiving moment's glance,
Fear not, for 'fore long they'll ascend, in radiant resplendence.

In Ukraine, 'neath the sable sea, a balance shifts in quiet,
Drones aloft, the unseen knights, ignite the nautical fight.
Their whispers sting the Russian tide, like a clandestine diet,
In this grand game of thrones and wrath, courage takes its flight.

In halls of Chinese law and lore, word-smiths spin a web,
In trembling ink, where truth and risk lie in nuanced ebb.
As shadows dance on parchment stark, beneath the bureaucratic ebb,
A softened word, a quieted risk, the echo of power's celeb.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur