On the turbulent seas of Nippon's trade,
A shadow doth cast a pall, bringing sorrow and shade;
By banks and houses of deal, with losses they're paid,
As the specter of borrow'd gold makes the bullish heart fade.

In the bustling market place, a tale of gain doth rise,
HKEX's gold-filled coffers, a sight to surprise;
Supported by increased investments, as the interest rate flies,
Thirty one 'bove the yesteryear, 'neath Hong Kong's azure skies.

In the land of artful tales, a quarrel rears its head,
TSG stands aggrieved, alleging bonds of contract are shred;
For "Avatar's" water path, and "Deadpool's" mercurial thread,
A suit 'gainst Fox and Disney, in Court's judgment they're led.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur