Upon the sea of change, the USD/JPY sails,
Its bullish prow but cleaves the waves, 'gainst resistance it prevails.
Septemb'r did witness Nippon's hand, in the currency's fate,
Above one forty-five point five, in value it did inflate.

In the south, where summer lingers, ASX holds court,
A plethora of offerings, a bustling import.
In waiting for the market's swing, 'tis but the fairest play,
To launch their IPO fleet, when economic winds hold sway.

Untouched remain the rates of isles where East the sun doth rise,
Philippines hold steady reins, in the face of price's demise.
Where once wild inflation roared, now moderates its breath,
Whilst Central Bank, steadfast, presides o'er wealth's ebb and death.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur