Hearken, in far Bharat's land, a tale of steel and silicon,
Sensex stays, as flat as shield, the ravens find no carrion.
In smithy's heat and runes of tech, strength finds their veneration,
To counteract the faltering wheels, and lenders' tribulation.

Goldman, the newcomer, strove to join the merchant's guild,
In the credit's fickle realm, it hoped its vaults to build.
But lo! As autumn leaves do fall, so did their aspiration,
Proven they, as brittle as ice, against the consumer nation.

The last account, the titans' end, going the way of Asgard,
Wall Street dreams, once strong as Thor, now in discord.
Their golden hoard, once thought secure, on China's shores they parlay,
But like the helm in storm's midst, they're tossed in disarray.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur