Among the grand halls of Credit Suisse, a plan fell away,
A scheme for public offering, no more shall see the day.
The sphere of Swiss estates it was, with trading volumes low,
An echo in the market place, a silenced bellow's blow.

When Engie, noble merchant, to Texas ventured forth,
Did purchase Broad Reach Power, heralding new worth.
With coin undisclosed, the trade was made complete,
A binding pledge in hallowed trust, a promise to keep discreet.

To the Land of Midnight Sun, where Norse wings freely roam,
Despite a fall in profit's gain, strong demand did hone.
They ponder on a bounty's share, a dividend's promise bright,
In the face of dropping lucre still, they strive with all their might.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur