In the Eastern land of dragons, Tesla doth strive,
Chopping coin for Model S and X, to keep the dream alive.
In the clash of metal steeds, competition fiercely rife,
The bard sings of price tags cut, in the dance of trade and life.

A warning bell in Hong Kong peals, in stormy weathers wake,
Trading halls silent and still, respite the traders take.
With typhoon's fury looming large, the city bends, not breaks,
The bard's quill dips in tempest's ink, the tale of caution makes.

Interests heat doth scorch the land, its flames rise higher still,
Homeowners, merchants, lords of land, at mercy of its will.
In this gamble some shall win, whilst others pay the bill,
The bard weaves verse with measured heart, gainst the monetary chill.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur