Beware, yon merchant! Bet not on leveraged ETF,
In Odin's shadow, the runes of risk are deft.
"Most worthy", sayeth the wise, "is the cost borne in jest",
Yet the serpent's bite in investments lies deep, unconfessed.

Speak now, o skald, of dwellings rich and fancy-free,
In the shiny bosom of America, does the golden manor plea.
One hundred million tokens for a hall, do mine ears deceive?
The giants of Midgard's market do weave an intricate weave.

Hearken now to the tale of Fitbits and Watches, forged in Apple's den,
By the hands of tireless dwarves, brought to the homes of men.
Prove they do a worthy charm, wished health to family clans,
Yet hold fast to this wisdom: long-lasting habit demands.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur