In the realm of parchment pure, an alliance draws nigh,
WestRock and Kappa plot, 'neath capitalism's sky.
Their might combined, a dragon's hoard of gold they deal,
In Odin's name, these giants of paper field shall seal.

As tempests brew o'er the ocean of currency exchange,
Bank lords of Europe and the States, their words arrange.
Will new winds fill the sails of EUR/USD might?
Only Frigg knows, on the morrow of Thor's blessed night.

In southern lands where palm trees sway, the keeper of gold stands,
Malaysia's central bank holds tight with steady hands.
Unmoved they stay, as Fenrir's rage in markets twist and turn,
For in their gaze, steady growth and tranquil inflation churn.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur