In Morocco's fertile land, grim disaster sadly dings,
Two thousand loved ones lost, with each toll the death bell rings.
Search doth intensify for those buried in slumber's wings,
Yet the mountains stand too tall, adding to rescue's stings.

By East's sun President Biden seeks alliance to foster,
In Vietnams verdant holds, a counter offer dost he proffer.
India he leaves behind, the Group of 20 in his coffer,
For in Hanoi he hopes, a unity he can uncover.

Xi's scepter held too tight, his land's growth it doth encumber,
Alas officials fret, but dare not blunder.
Anxious hearts beat for change, wishing not to slumber,
Yet approval they must seek, from Xi, their top commander.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur