Upon the field of commerce, a beast doth rise, stout-hearted,
Instacart its name, ascendant in the market place it's started.
At ten billion coins of gold, its worth doth seem extended,
As though Tyrfing, war-blade bold, its path hath keenly defended.

But let us cast eastward gaze, to Chinese kingdom, weary,
Whose golden hoard displays, a recovery quite eerie.
Yet, lo! A shrouded figure lurks within the mirth and glee,
As property, that grumbling dirk, threats growth's continuity.

In distant lands of steel and rust, rebellion takes its stand,
'Gainst the trinity of power and trust, workers cast their hand.
In Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, echoes of Mjolnir's strike,
'Gainst GM, Ford, Stellantis, in unison, they hike.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur