In the hall of Wells Fargo, mischief was afoot,
Carrie Tolstedt, her name, in scandal's filthy soot.
Yet shielded by the law's cloak, no dungeon will she find,
In the saga of the false gold, she leaveth guilt behind.

Beneath the vault of Planet's Gym, a chief was cast aside,
Rondeau, the stalwart helmsman, on fortune's ebbing tide.
The board, like an unruly sea, decided his downfall,
And in the market's stormy gaze, the company did fall.

In the realm of the Emerald Isle, the TikTok beast did stray,
Crossing barriers of data, for which it had to pay.
The Irish, fierce as thunder, unleashed a hefty fine,
A testament to those who cross the sacred line.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur