In debtor's cuffs, their purses drained, a beast, fierce loan-dragon roars,
Young scholars plight foretells of blight, the market's future soars.
Dreadful price of learning's feast, leaves kinsmen's coffers torn,
A chilling tide for retailers wide, a spending frost is born.

The sun now sets on boomers bold, as homelessness draws nigh,
A life once held, now lost, unsold, beneath the weeping sky.
Once proud as thrones, now cast as stones, the generation falls,
In Odin's stead, the harsh wheel tread, the cruelest of the thralls.

The Texan Thane, in scandal bathed, does slip the hangman's noose,
His guilt evaded, honor shaded, in the court's recluse.
The senate's gaze did not amaze, their judgement clatters fair,
Paxton stands, with unstained hands, the trial's icy air.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur