In the reign of King Healthful Ale, there came a tempest fierce,
Modelo, from the Southern lands, its frothy head did pierce,
Dethroned the monarch Bud Light, in a drama filled with fear,
By lawsuit and by cunning words, now highest sell'st the beer.

In the kingdom of Economy, a change on the horizon,
Not simply high rates for a spell, but forever is the rising,
One must not fret of unemployment or inflations ghastly run,
For Fed Officials forecast a neutral rate under the sun.

And in the realm of cryptic coins, a creature named Tether,
Did halt its lending in '23, under stormy weather,
But lo, it lends its stable coins anew, with fervor and with zest,
In the financial seas of uncertainty, it stands above the rest.

by Brother Arnulfus

a centaur