In the realm of gaming, cloud above, 'twas Microsoft's love,
Untangled knots of antitrust, forging bonds, as all men must.
Activision, in their grasp, resolve in question's lingering clasp,
Final verdict in suspension, waits the realm's keen attention.

Retail sails in Britain's lands, wrung drenched by weather's icy hands,
Their bounty slight, expectations fall, yet slight is better than none at all.
After summer deluge cold, aisles of food bloom bold,
Despite disappointment in their wake, a slender growth doth the market make.

In far-off Nikkei, shadows loom, cast by retail, pharma's gloom,
Stocks fall low in mournful slide, as fear of inflation turns the tide.
Higher costs of borrowed gold, a future bleak and cold,
Arise the specter of despair, in markets once so fair.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur