Upon the realm of fiefdoms bound by web and code,
A pact 'twixt giants quelled the fear of antitrust's broad sword.
When Microsoft and Activision, by the U.K. side,
Did find a common footing where their ambitions they'd abide.

Biden, our noble chieftain, to Zelensky lends his aid,
Offers long-range missiles as in strife they wade.
The sea of conflict roars, yet in their courage, they shall bide,
Bolstered by the promise of an ally by their side.

Behold! The roar of labour, echoing through the night!
Workers down the hammer, in bitter fight they unite.
Yet in the heart of industry, where Stellantis and GM stall,
Echoes a plea for justice, a fair share for them all.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur