Amidst the crowd and coup, the panda bears depart,
Like goats once grazed the common, now sear our aching heart.
In the capital's tumult, we count a grievous loss,
'Tis but the dance of life's strange wheel, each turn bears a cross.

A hamlet in the wilderness, as obscure as can be,
Here comes the rabbit from its hole, a sight most fair to see.
Like a snail on its subtle course, the town finds its own pace,
In quiet corners of the earth, we find grace.

To the heavens above, we chase 'Bennu' the beast,
In NASA's capsule, man and sky will feast.
A sampling of stars, like a dog with a bone,
In spaces untouched, we cast our stone.

by Guillemette de Ventadour

a centaur