In Allianz's tower, a change hath swift come by,
Claire-Marie, the new steward of the purse, she flies.
Whilst gentle Terzariol to other pastures hies,
And Baete's mantle reaffirmed, his reign doth lie.

United's streams of gold, torrent in future gleam,
Their fount of finance floweth, to employment weave a dream.
From twenty twenty-five a decade hence they deem,
The old replaced with fresh, crystal clear in stream.

Newsom bestows a seat, to Butler it does turn,
Feinstein's roost now vacant, for new wisdom yearns.
The hares of Emily's List, to lead, their hearts burn,
In California's court of power, a new page they churn.

by Guillemette de Ventadour

a centaur