In Britannia's halls, behold! A quest for gilt's allure unfolds,
Debts sale, its demand in bounty soars, neath Odin's gaze and Thor's.
Four-fold billion and bounty more, a feast awaits at Octobers door,
Strong be the thirst for gilt's sweet tap, in RBC's financial map.

Yea, the dollar steers its might, midst bond yields' gleaming light,
Strong data fuels its unyielding flight, a relentless run through night.
Tuesday bears a treasure trove, ING's prophecy behove,
Jolts of job data, a bounteous share, towards wealth, they boldly dare.

Hark! The beast of oil doth slide, OPEC's meeting on the tide,
Standard Chartered, wisdom wide, observes their caution tried.
The global hearth and central bank unleash a storm from flank to flank,
Oils bounty wanes, its flames grow cold, ere the council's fate unfold.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur