In the realm of the eager clicking quill, Microsoft's throne grows sturdy,
With a treasure of billion-and-seventy-five, Activision claimed in its glory.
Lo! The saga engraves itself in the rune-stone of ages,
Odin marvels at this union, in the scroll of half-century pages.

Where conflict roars fierce, 'neath the sand-lashed sky,
Doth the stock-steeds of Nasdaq and S&P wearily sigh.
Yet 'gainst the storm, sturdy stands Dow, resistant to bleed,
Safe-havens sought by traders, amid the Mid-East's dire need.

Alas! The raven's cry echoes, bearing grim news from Israel's land,
Thirteen hundred souls taken by Hamas' ruthless hand.
Round the world, the Jewish kin finds no peace in their strife,
An edge of sorrow cuts deep, threatening each precious life.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur