In the land of bayous, dwellers of swamp and sedge,
Jeff Landry asserts his rule, through the electoral edge.
More than half the voices raised, through fourteen choices echoed,
Song of the wolf pack rings true, Louisiana's power hath been rededicated.

Of the Wall Street Journal, a missive of future's ways,
An oracle unseen, in data's arcane maze.
Quests answered, links discovered, in the survey's grand design,
Thus do the seers of commerce, their destinies divine.

Gold, the gleaming serpent, slinks in new attire,
It lurks not in a purse, but sparks a virtual fire.
In digital halls it dwells, unseen, unheard the song,
Cash is dead, long live code: the new battle strong.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur