In realms vast, 'cross emerald sky, rival systems ascend high,
Gold offered by the Western lands, no more the sole command,
Russia, dragon of the east, and Europe in their celestial feast,
Sit poised with satellite bands, as old America's star too gently lands.

Once golden coin did hold the sway, now coupon is the day's array,
Behold, a question doth emerge from fiscal sea, so stiff and sterge,
Would a mere trifle truly cast, the card and app to mists of past,
Or does gold's whisper still hold fast, within man's ironclad grasp?

A star of stage and silver screen, a siren's song now silenced seems,
Piper Laurie, known so well, 'pon wings of time, she softly fell,
In roles of 'Hustler', 'Carrie' too, her fame and talent in life grew,
Now to yonder heaven ascends, her tale and time in beauty ends.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur