As greenium sees its rise, say scribes from yonder land,
An increase slight, to three points bright, in Eurozone does stand.
This quill, its truth to ink, of verdant bonds expands,
UniCredit's tale of green prevails, in government's firm hand.

Yet, gas of nature dips its course, though troubles stir the East,
Despite the worry, price does slurry, dropping near two at least.
A shaping quirk, Goldman takes note, supply remains, not ceased,
Israeli disruption bears no function, 'twas a fearsome beast.

In land of stars and stripes bold, the Dollar holds its might,
Yet weak 't may turn, should fortune spurn, fewer surprises in sight.
To Danske Bank's lore, we're privy more, retail data emits light,
Economy strong, yet may be wrong, we await the night's insight.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur