O'er Hong Kong's crowded towers, troubles amass,
To curtail flight and reverse birthrate's dip,
A boon they've promised, emerald in every cradle's grasp,
A fabled tale that may loosen many a lip.

On Maines somber ground, a thousand tears cascade,
Where innocents were felled, by wrath unhinged,
The culprit rests in Hades, by his own hand betrayed,
Whilst grief-stricken kin, around their loss are cinched.

From New Hampshire's verdant meadows, a challenge arises,
From Phillips, rep of the people, with ambitions clear and sound,
Sonnet of democracy sings, as he for top prize vies,
In the unsanctioned primary, where surprise can oft be found.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur