In Tennessee's industrial heartland, strife does rise,
United Auto Workers in protest, against GM they despise.
Like the raging sea, their voices swell in the night,
In the stand-off 'twixt might and right, igniting the fight.

In the land of Colombia, a tale of sorrow and fear,
Soccer Star Luis Díaz's kin, in abduction, disappear.
But lo, the diligent watchmen, valiantly they strive,
Rescued the mother, and seek the father, may he survive.

Once the lair of the working man, cherished and hailed,
The Home Office, midst Covids wrath, as safe haven sailed.
Yet time like the relentless tide has washed awe away,
And the fortress of labour, now holds but scant sway.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur