In the realm of horse and carriage, BMW doth fair,
A rise in profits and promise steady, we perceive without a care,
Earnings grow, quarter three, in the auto bazaar,
Their guidance full-year, confirms their prosperity near and far.

In lands yonder west of the Mississippi river wide,
Bass Reeves, a lawman black, in freedom, he doth stride,
Quaid, Sutherland and Oyelowo, in Paramount's light, they hide,
Their tale of frontier justice, to entertain, they provide.

Macquarie, strong in capital, of profits, takes a fall,
Yet a buyback bold they plot, answer to the call,
A sum vast in its stature, a billion 'gainst the squall,
Shares of value undeterred, they could claim them all.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur