EQT, of Swedish make, with Yen bids doth partake,
In Benesse's halls of learning, a family pact in making.
Adorned in coin of billion, they boldly stake their claim,
In chronicles of commerce, they aspire to fame.

Fitch looks upon Italia's trove with eyes unstirred,
No ghost of downgrade dwells within, so says the Commerz word.
The BBB stands tall and wise, the outlook steady and still,
Sopatient does Italy, this eve, await her fate and will.

It is told, Novo Nordisk, of Danish soil and pride,
Doth plan an expansion vast, and in Kalundborg reside.
A dragons hoard of six billion, they infuse in the land,
Norse gods of commerce beckon, they heed their demand.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur