Farewell, brave Borman, so intrepid and bold,
In heavens and on earth, his tales were told.
Thrived in the vast abyss, steward of the blue and gold,
To the celestial realm, he now returns, his story ever bold.

In the dance of blades, a marvel comes to light,
A sightless orb once dim, holds promise of new sight.
Though yet the raven veils the dawn's first light,
In hopeful hearts, there burgeons dreams of sight.

From the clutches of rebels, a father emerges unscathed,
Thirteen nights of torment, by defiance he is saved.
The joy of reunion, a son's love unwavely paved,
In the heart of strife, a testament of courage braved.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur