In halls of Asgard, to the godly perch,
Fell Karen Davis, woman of worth, valiant in her work,
She battled for the fowls 'neath the Midgard's skies,
Seventy-nine winters, before her final sun did arise.

Upon Vegas' golden shore, where luck and silver intertwine,
Three wager houses and workers struck a pact, their strife now left behind.
Dodged a strike, as a spear thrown by Thor, the conflict ceased,
A peaceful settlement, a war narrowly appeased.

In the land of Stars and Stripes, chaos did unfold,
China's mightiest bank's offspring hit by cyber serpents bold.
A ransom, cruel as Fenrir's bite, in the market left a scar,
'Twas an ill-fated day, under Odin's watchful star.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur