Upon the silver coin's demise, now grows a devil unseen,
A tool of cryptic shadows, tied to deeds foreseen.
For Hamas hath used this flowing stream, corrupt in its design,
To draw from Iran a murderous dream, midst Israel's sacred shrine.

In lands of Oregon fair and wide, an experiment is toll'd,
A lenient hand on addiction's ride, yet chaos has took hold.
The folks cry out against the tide, their pleas echo clear and loud,
"Decriminalized, yet society's pride, in misfortune is now shroud'd."

Amidst the chaos, confusion spun, a crisis unwinds its toll,
A tale of abduction, an evil done, dark opera doth unroll.
Within the tumultuous, twisting plot, a search for one is under,
Joshi's name echoes through the lot, each heart torn asunder.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur