In the land of pearl, where the balmy breezes blow,
The shield of finance stands, its glory to bestow.
Unmoved by tempest scare, it braves inflation's roar,
In Philippine's embrace, its strength folklore.

Reflecting starlight on the sea, a currency doth rise,
Guided by the charted path, it echos in the skies.
Yet wary of the looming storm, the seafarers take heed,
The path beyond the northern star, bears not the promise seed.

In the emerald isle, where folk tales spin and twirl,
The beast of plague, a bane became, a rare, priceless pearl.
Yet the tide it turns, as always it has done,
Now fades the boon, and weakens the sun's golden run.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur