Behold the halls of LSEG, mired in shadowed forecast,
Lower grows their golden hoard, as winters past.
Quantitative figures elude, the market's storm doth cast,
Citis word on markets tide, holds mast and sail steadfast.

Effigy of serpent coil, USD/CNH, enshrined in charts unseen,
Pullback begun, whispers of lore, in UOB's cloistered sheen.
Global seers with eagles sight, decipher truth serene,
Upon the sea of markets, trails a comet's gleam.

In distant Eurozone, a dragon slumbers, cash its fiery breath,
Issuers of sovereign score, in record net bear sordid death.
Citis harp sings a dirge, of debts risen from the depths,
An increase seen, of one fifth part, from the year afores bequest.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur