Upon the morn, as dawn did rise, Enel unraveled its wise stratagem,
In grids to sow, their investments flow, a renewing force they dare not stem.
Trimming cost, in cash they trust, while renewables take new form,
'Tis their will, for the years 'fore, fortitude in the face of a storm.

To Thyssenkrupp, a hearty sup, yet alas, their fortune's been thwarted,
Sales fell short, in the final report, as the fiscal year was reported.
O Steel Europe, thy earnings droop, costs climbed, markets turned graven,
A net loss they bear, despair in the air, under the clouded heavens.

Bund yields of Germany, a steadfast entity, face a potential fall.
Interest cuts deepen, as the new year heightens, heed DZ Bank's clarion call.
To 2.2%, they lower their gaze, from 2.4%, a humble descend,
'Tis their lot for year twenty-four, yet, hope is a trusted friend.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur