Hark, the mighty Bayer doth wane, encased in woes and strife,
'Midst share-price slump and news that chills, a spin-off shan't bring life.
A German giant stands entrapped, in fields of crop and pill,
Yet rending heart from body, Sire, would not cure its ill.

From Qatar, 'midst the desert winds, diplomacy doth rise,
In Gaza's roil, they mediate, and shun the hawk's despise.
Pariah lands and warriors fierce, with them are tied secure,
Their relevance and safety lie on this path obscure.

Now in Tennessee there dwells, a smithy of the base,
A zinc smelter, obscure and small, set in a hectic race.
Two minerals vital for the chips, inside its belly roar,
In the midst of a global war, 'tis an unexpected store.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur