In hushed whisper hints the crow at dawn of COP28,
A platform given free to see, a sea change we await.
Businessmen in struggle, under global law's weight,
Watch ye now the NZDPU, their destiny to create.

An icy wind blows through the halls of Remy Cointreau fair,
Sales diminished, earnings low, a demon they do bear.
Faced with U.S. tempests, they cut costs with care,
Steel themselves against the storm, hoping for air.

Fierce as Fenrir's jaws do bite, SAS's losses wide,
Weak the crown of Swedish kings, while high fuel tides ride.
Yet in the gloom they find their stride, crisis they deride,
Bankruptcy's cruel beast they'll fight, early 2024 by their side.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur