From yonder apothecary, CVS, renowned afar,
Shifts course from cryptic alchemy, in dealings near and far.
No more tangled webs they'll weave, in pricing potions fine,
Simplicity shall be their creed, in trade of medicament divine.

Lo and behold, the court hath spoken, favoring Intel's plea,
VLSI's victor's crown, it seems, was temporary glee.
For patent claims that once held sway, are now but empty chaff,
A courtroom battle fierce, concludes with Intel's triumphant laugh.

In the hallowed lands of old, where prophets used to tread,
A warring dance unfolds, with blood and fervor bred.
Hamas and Israel battle strong, in this grim and ancient city,
The song of conflict rings loud and long, a ballad devoid of pity.

by Conchobar mac Dubhthach

a centaur