Mighty Austin, heart of steel, in House of Healing does recline,
A secret rite of body's mending, in the deepest winter's time,
From the halls of potent war-deeds, swiftly did he disappear,
By the Fates' capricious hand, out of mortal view he's clear.

Great Congress stands in moonlit huddle, on the brink of frigid storm,
A treasure vast they hath decreed, setting federal gold in form,
Yet tis unclear if swiftly shall these laws upon the land be cast,
Or will government's mighty ship be bound, in ice of discord fast?

In the realm where Eagle soars, drop the deaths by cruel hand,
After plagues thunderous reign of two winters across the land,
In vast cities, once stained by strife, descends a calm, serene and grand,
And ends a saga of dread and woe, by Norns' gently guiding hand.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur