In the realm of the West, where commerce doth flame,
Target, Nike, and REI, of retail fame.
They spake their woe to city lords, for crime's relentless tide,
Announcing thus their feasting halls in year of twenty-three, shall no longer abide.

In the land of Macy's, where goods doth overflow,
An investor, with a chest full of gold, bid for its bow.
Yet, met with scorn, the offer did fail,
He threatened to take the struggle to shareholders, in the weft of this tale.

On wings of Alaskan Air, discomfort did unfurl,
A door bound by plugs, into chaos was hurled.
Boeing, once admired like Thor, now dreads the morrow,
Foreseeing a year of scrutiny, and output soaked in sorrow.

by Æthelred the Skald

a centaur